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Families of students in Years 8 to 12 (or Year 7 students who are seeking to enrol after the statewide ansition process) are asked to complete the Online Registration of Interest form to begin this process. 


​As a school with high demand enrolments, Norwood International High School manages its enrolments within the provisions outlined in the department’s enrolment policies. 

The school continues to have a school zone for our secondary school campus, from which we will accept our core intake of students each year. The school can also consider applications from families living outside of the school zone, however only these students will only be accepted if the placement is appropriate and a place is available. The school encourages families living outside the NIHS zone to first consider enrolling locally zoned school. 

NB The school is currently at capacity in some year levels. 

Please contact our Enrolment Officer, Kristen, on 8364 2299 or at for further information.

Norwood International High School is committed to the provision of rich and diverse academic programs that meet the highest community expectations. The school is well aware of the range of financial circumstances of its families and seeks to strike a balance between affordability and the breadth and quality of its programs.

The Governing Council, which represents the parent body, has met and set the council approved contribution. This fee is carefully worked out to establish a base fee to provide an equitable curriculum. As parents/caregivers will realise, this is not an easy process and considerable time and effort is taken to ensure that we offer the most comprehensive curriculum for our students at the best possible cost.

Norwood International High School's fees for 2024 are $920.

As with 2023 the State government announced another $100 off of all government school fees in 2024. Therefore you will only need to pay $820. If you still have credits from 2023 they will come off the total you have to pay also.

If families have not paid in full by the due date, we acknowledge that you will be making payments by regular instalments.  A suggested schedule is detailed below:

1st Instalment $300     - prior to 15 February 2024
2nd Instalment $300   - prior to 14 March 2024
3rd Instalment $220    - prior to 16 May 2024


If you have not commenced payment by 2nd Instalment date or have any outstanding invoices after 16 May 2024, these will be passed on to our debt collection agency, DfE Recovery Unit, to become part of the school’s debt collection process.

Low-income families who attend government school can get financial help with school fees – materials and services charges – through the South Australian Government School Card Scheme. It is important to note that families must apply each and every year as your circumstances and eligibility may have changed.

Families of students in Years 8 to 12 (or Year 7 students who are seeking to enrol mid-year) are asked to complete the Online Registration of Interest form to begin this process. 


Norwood International High School continues to experience high enrolment demand. The school accepts its core student intake from within its school zone, however families living outside the school zone may be considered only when places are available, and the placement is appropriate.  

The school is currently at capacity in most year levels for 2024. 


If you have any questions, please contact our Enrolment Officer, Kristen, on 8364 2299 or at 


Families can enrol at Norwood International High School through:  

  1. The 2024 Year 6-7 State-wide Transition Process 
    This process is for students completing primary school in 2023 transitioning to high school in 2024.  

  2. The outside the transition process for students in Years 7-12
    This process is for students enrolling in Years 8-12 and Year 7 students who were not part of the statewide transition process.   

    Further details about each of these processes can be found below.  


Transitioning from Year 6 to High School

The transition to secondary school is a major milestone for any Year 6 student. It brings changes and new experiences in education, personal development and planning for future pathways. At Norwood International High School, we are proud to offer a wide range of subjects, programs, activities and opportunities to meet the interests and talents of your child.  

Prospective families of Year 6 students may seek to enrol at Norwood International High School through the State-wide Transition Process. For children enrolled at non-government primary schools please email questions about registration of interest and enrolment to   


Details of this process can be found in the Department for Education's Starting Secondary School in 2024 website. The 2025 process will be updated in mid term 1 2024. Families may also refer to information about our 2025 special interest programs below.

Enrolling Outside of the Transition Process

School Fees


The Special Interest Italian immersion program is a unique and innovative approach of learning Italian through Humanities and Humanities through Italian. Students are taken on a journey, immersed in Italian from the beginning. They develop high levels of Italian language together with a growth in understanding of concepts and perspectives in Humanities.

Our program challenges students to think critically and to discover more about the world. Students explore multiple perspectives of the historical and geographical concepts which contributes to a richer world view. Students have the opportunity to develop strong language skills and intercultural understanding which enables them to connect more authentically as engaged global citizens.

It is not a prerequisite that students have studied Italian at primary school or are of Italian background.

Through the program, students become effective communicators and emerge with an understanding of how to use language within, between and across languages and cultures. These literacy skills are transferred across the other Learning Areas.

Students have the opportunity to apply the skills and experiences in real world contexts, such as interacting with our Sister School in Italy.

Students grow as global citizens, expanding their horizons through integrated learning experiences. They develop resilience and confidence and become more open minded, welcoming, and embracing of change. Students learn to trust in their own ability, preparing them to face the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Come 'n Try sessions will be held 3:45-4:45pm Wednesday 14 February 2024 or Thursday 22 February 2024. Bookings Essential via this link.

Structure of the Program

Our program is designed as a 3 year program, starting in year 7 and concluding at the end of Year 9. Students will then have the to study Stage 1 Italian in Year 10. Students selected for this program are placed together in the same Italian and Humanities classes opportunity over the 3 years.

In this program, students accelerate their learning of Italian and Humanities through both subjects. The learning is carefully structured and sequenced to foster success in both subjects, at the same time building students critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a safe and collaborative environment. This means that students with little/no Italian language experience quickly feel confident to develop the necessary language skills for successful participation in both subjects.

There is no application fee for required for the application process into the Special Interest Italian Program.

Norwood International High School is committed to delivering a Special Interest Rowing Program (SIRP) that provides opportunities to develop student’s rowing skills, their time-management, organisation, leadership, and teamwork. Students will study rowing as part of the HPE curriculum and can follow the rowing pathway from years 7 through to 11, including a 10-credit stage 1 course. The Norwood International High School Special Interest Rowing Program incorporates a talent identification selection process whereby students from within and outside the NIHS zone can apply to enrol at the school.


Successful students who gain entry to the Special Interest Rowing Program will need to commit to the Special Interest Rowing Program and associated activities until at least the end of their Year 10 season. This involvement will take precedence over any other sporting/extra-curricular activity. The Special Interest Rowing Program operates alongside the Norwood International High School Rowing Club, which is open to all NIHS students as a summer sport. It is compulsory for students within the Special Interest Rowing Program to also join and participate in the Rowing Club Activities.

As a student develops and evolves within the Special Interest Rowing Program they actively engage and improve their ability to be organised, work within a team environment, become a leader and be part of a likeminded community. It provides an environment to successfully develop their aptitude for rowing in a high-performance pathway. A real-world environment is created to develop and understand areas including technology in sport, training principles, skill acquisition, group dynamics, nutrition, and performance analysis.


The curriculum students will follow is guided by the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IB MYP) and/or South Australian Certificate of Education requirements. Throughout terms 1 & 2 student will undertake rowing focused units, while terms 2 & 3 allows for the core curriculum to be facilitated. Practical lessons see students develop and apply rowing skills including, Sculling (Singles, Double, & Quads), Sweeping (Pairs, Fours, Eights), Coxing and Coaching. Off the water students engage with various practical activities such as fitness training, strength and conditioning sessions, competition and racing strategies, and group dynamics/team building Students will study a range of theory-based rowing specific content, terminology, risk assessment and management, principles of training, leadership/teamwork, health/wellbeing/resilience, performance affecting factors, performance/technique analysis, and rowing history/evolution.


Through the program student are guided by high level educators and world class rowers and coaches including previous Olympic and Commonwealth games athletes. This blended with a team of old scholars creates a community of likeminded people to support, challenge and develop each student.


Come and Try Sessions for the 2024 program will run 9-11am, Sunday 26 November. Bookings Essential via this link.


Come and Try Sessions for the 2025 program will run 9-11am, Sunday 11 February 2024 and  4.30-6.15pm, Friday 23 February 2024. Bookings Essential via this link.

Students who apply for the SIRP program will have information emailed to them around these sessions.


Please Contact Mr Ben O’Connell (Teacher in Charge of Rowing) via

Our STEM program pushes curious minds to investigate Science, Mathematics, and Technology and learn to think critically, imagine creatively, and be ready for the jobs of the future. The program has a focus on students using critical thinking and inquiry skills to find their solutions to real-world problems whilst integrating with industry leaders.

​You’ll connect STEM to real life contexts and be equipped with skills that transfer to whatever you set your mind to. Through the learning they will not only learn the content but will learn skills that allow them to transfer this knowledge to different and new contexts. This program sets students up for success in our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or SACE study programs.

The students will study the STEM program across a completely integrated Science, Mathematics and Technologies program. They will be learning from passionate educators and industry experts about topics that they care about and can have a deep connection to.


The program is designed as a 3 year program starting in year 7 and concluding at the end of year 9.

The students will be completing the HAST: Reading comprehension, mathematical reasoning and abstract reasoning test. An information booklet can be found here.

ACER Test Bookings and Payment via this link.

Norwood International High School is proud to offer three Special Interest Programs:

  • Italian Immersion

  • Rowing

  • STEM

2024 Round 2 is now closed (for enrolled 2024 Year 7 students only).
Interested Year 6 students, who are already enrolled at NIHS, may apply for Round 2 of the Rowing and Italian Immersion Special Interest programs.

To view the Special Interest Programs Brochure click here.

For more information view the video and program details below.

Applications for 2025 will open shortly!

2025 Special Interest Program Information Evening - 6:30pm, Monday 5 February 2024

Italian Immersion Come 'n Try

3:45pm-4:45pm, Wednesday 14 February 2024 or Thursday 22 February 2024 at NIHS. Bookings Essential via this link.

Rowing Come 'n Try

9am-11am, Sunday 11 February 2024 and/or 4:30pm - 6:15pm, Friday 23 February 2024 at the NIHS Boathouse. Bookings Essential via this link.

STEM Acer Testing

9am-12:30pm, Friday 29 March 2024 at NIHS. Bookings and Payment via this link.

All applications close Monday 4 March


Interested Year 6 students living both within and outside our school zone may apply for these programs.  


The 2025 Special Interest Program Information evening will be held on Monday 5 February 2024 from 6:30pm in the Ivan Coward Hall, Norwood International High School.

Come ‘n Try sessions for 2024 (only) 

Interested students, already enrolled for Year 7 in 2024, may attend Come ‘n Try sessions prior to submitting applications. These sessions will provide students with an experience of the program and more information. Online registration is essential as there are limited places. Bookings can be made via the below links

Parents are welcome to remain for the session.  


Rowing – 9-11am, Sunday 26 November. Bookings Essential via this link.


STEM – This program does not have Come ‘n Try session, however all applicants are required to undertake the ACER test. This will be held from 9am-12:30pm, Friday 29 March 2024 in the NIHS Lecture Theatre. 

Application Process

All interested students will be required to complete the online application form, upload supporting documentation and organise a teacher supporting statement. Application form available shortly. 


Applications close on Monday 4 March 2024. 

NB STEM applicants must register for and complete the ACER Test as well as the application form. Please contact the school if the student has completed a similar ACER test in early 2024. 


Registration for the ACER test (for STEM applicants only) 

All STEM applicants are required to undertake the ACER test. Payment and registration information will be available shortly.


Check out our programs…. 

For more information about these programs please view the video and information below.  


Additionally, our 2025 Special Interest Programs Brochure will be available shortly.


It is with pleasure that I welcome you to the Norwood International High School community and to our Transition page.

As a vibrant and inclusive school community Norwood International High School aims to develop engaged global citizens who can rise to the challenges of this fast-changing world. We champion the diversity that each student brings and value their unique skills, talents, interests and cultures. This commitment is underpinned by our core values of Distinction, Diversity and Respect and shaped by our focus on high standards, student wellbeing and internationalism.

Details regarding our 2022 transition visits will be uploaded as dates are finalised.


I invite you to explore the links below to learn more about our school’s world-class learning experiences and useful information to support your preparation for high school. In particular, you may be interested in our transition plans with key dates, curriculum offerings, and details about our uniform and information technology requirements. Our partnerships with our families are important to us and we also encourage you to provide feedback or ask questions about transition-related processes via the link at the bottom of this page.

We look forward to meeting you later in the year - once again, welcome to our school community!

Jacqui van Ruiten

2021 Digital Transition: Introduction Session


Due to COVID Restrictions, our 2021 Information Session for Parents and Students was unable to run as an on-site event. Luckily, we were able to organise and run a Digital Live Stream (a first for our school) - connecting with almost 200 students and families to provide information about our school and answer questions submitted by students in real-time. 


Norwood International High School takes great pride in its uniform. All students are expected to wear their uniform appropriately at all times. We believe that the wearing of the uniform not only creates a strong sense of identity within our school and wider community, but also supports the safety and wellbeing of our students.

All middle school students (in Years 7-9) will be required to wear their sports uniform to school on the days they have their lessons or a class excursion (with a physical activity). Students in Years 10-12 are not to wear their sports uniform outside of their sports-related lesson and will need to change into their sports uniform in the school’s change-rooms for their class. Please refer to our Uniform Guidelines for more information (these guidelines are in the process of being updated to include the new items). UMS is the school’s uniform supplier. Items can be ordered/purchased online at or at their uniform store.


New families: We encourage all new families to book a fitting at the UMS Firle location (161-167 Glynburn Road, Firle). Bookings can be made via this link or alternatively phone 0431 771 260. UMS offer after hour appointments during Term 4 for your convenience.  These are available in store or via the website  They will be 1 afternoon/night per week throughout Term 4 between the hours of 4pm and 7.30pm.


Norwood International High School proudly presents a selection of video presentations for new families. These videos are currently branded with the Norwood Morialta High School name, however, their content accurately reflects Norwood International High School.







YEAR 7 & 8




Norwood International High School is delighted to offer School Tours to prospective families throughout 2024. 


These tours feature a presentation from our principal and student leaders, followed by a school tour to view our stunning facilities and students in action. Visitors will get to: 

  • Learn about how we develop engaged global learners  

  • Hear about our focus on middle and senior schooling and unique transition program 

  • Discover our diverse curriculum offerings and personalised learning experiences 

  • Enjoy a guided tour of our stunning state-of-the-art learning spaces 

  • Observe our school and students ‘in action’ 

  • Ask questions about our school and our world class learning experiences. 

  • School Tour
    School Tour
    Fri, 10 Nov
    10 Nov 2023, 9:30 am – 10:30 am
    Magill, 505 The Parade, Magill SA 5072, Australia
    10 Nov 2023, 9:30 am – 10:30 am
    Magill, 505 The Parade, Magill SA 5072, Australia

Interested families will also need to register via our online booking process. Please note there is a limit of three per family.  


All School Tours commence at 9:30am and take approximately 75 minutes. Visitors are requested to arrive 5-10 minutes early and meet in the reception area.

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