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I am delighted to welcome you to the Norwood International High School website.

Over the past two years Norwood International High School has undertaken a significant and exciting transformation. Not only have we co-located onto one site, introduced Year 7 students, expanded our internationalised curriculum and created stunning new learning spaces. We have even changed our name to reflect our new location and, most importantly, our global outlook and our commitment to international mindedness in all its forms.

Norwood International High School is truly enjoying a new beginning with a successful past and exciting future.

Our school community is committed to upholding our celebrated traditions and developing engaged global citizens who can make a positive difference in this fast-changing world. We value the unique skills, talents and interests that each student brings and seek to personalise their learning experience. Along the way our students are supported by expert teachers who seek to inspire a passion for deep and lifelong learning, to help stretch their abilities, and empower them to discover their own potential and futures.


In the middle years our year 7-9 students undertake the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme, a fantastic program that encourages students to become curious, caring and insightful learners. Middle school learners are supported to connect, collaborate and create by a small team of dedicated teachers with their learning community in our new purpose-built middle school.


Senior students in years 10-12 may study either the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. These learners choose from extensive curriculum offerings catering for a range of preferred pathways, interests and specialisation. They have access to outstanding specialist facilities, as well as unique study and meeting spaces, that promote both independent and authentic learning experiences.

Learning also extends beyond the classroom with a huge array of co-curricular opportunities. In fact, we offer something for everyone, whether it be lunchtime clubs, sports teams, music ensembles and bands, rowing, pedal prix, school musicals, debating, and service-learning initiatives.


A key feature of our school is the way we value and celebrate diversity. Students from a wide range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds respect and learn from each other. This is supported by our international curriculum which actively promotes international mindedness and global perspectives, our intercultural celebrations, sister school partnerships and outbound study tours, as well as our highly acclaimed international student program. As a proudly globally connected school we are also accredited by the Council of International Schools and International Baccalaureate Organisation for meeting international standards and delivering world class learning opportunities.


Regardless of what your passion, talents and career aspirations may be, you can find your special place at Norwood International High School – a place to grow, learn and discover!

Jacqui van Ruiten

Principal of Norwood International High School


At Norwood International High School we recognise that each student brings a unique set of skills, talents and interests with them. We value this diversity and aim to develop every student as an individual. In this way, we seek to inspire a passion for learning and engage our students in a world class learning experience that extends their individual strengths and empowers them to achieve their personal best in all aspects of learning and life.

Our vision is for every student to graduate as an engaged global citizen to meet the challenges of a changing world. This commitment is also underpinned by our embedded core values of Distinction, Diversity and Respect and our motto, Enriching Humanity, which inspires students to make a positive difference in our world.

We are proud of our long history and traditions of academic excellence and opportunity for all, and know that our future plans will continue to enhance our students’ learning experiences.


2022 Graduation Ceremony


Norwood International High School is proud to hold numerous accreditations that demonstrate our commitment to excellence in learning.

Council of International Schools

Norwood International High School has retained our accreditation through the Council of International Schools since our first application in 2003. The school was most recently re-accredited in 2018, with our next full review due in 2024.

IB: Middle Years Programme

Norwood International High School proudly offers the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IBMYP) as an IB World School. This broad program of study focuses on intercultural understanding and encourages students to become  inquiring, knowledgeable and caring learners.


Every 5 years Norwood International High School undertakes an evaluation of both the IBMYP and IBDP to ensure it meets rigorous international standards and to maintain the valued accreditation.

IB: Diploma Programme

Norwood International High School is excited to offer the International Baccalaureate: Diploma Programme (IBDP) to Year 11 and 12 students. Senior students have a choice to continue their IB journey or to study the SACE. 


Every 5 years Norwood International High School undertakes an evaluation of both the IBMYP and IBDP to ensure it meets rigorous international standards and to maintain the valued accreditation.


At Norwood International High School our vision is that every student will graduate as an engaged global citizen to meet the challenges of a changing world. This commitment is underpinned by our motto Enriching Humanity and is complemented by our school values of Distinction, Diversity and Respect. Collectively these beliefs, along with our strategic directions guide our behaviours, actions and interactions.

Internationalism, as represented by the diversity of our school’s student population, our curriculum, large international student program and the practice of the school, is a core aspect of the Norwood International High School vision. Thinking globally enriches the lives of all individuals in our school community beyond the general boundaries of academic achievement. To this end, the school has engaged in the rigorous self-study and evaluation processes of the Council of International Schools to ensure continual reflection of our practices and services as we strive for global excellence.

Our community’s commitment to internationalism, wellbeing, excellence and opportunity for all is further reflected in our supporting documents that streamline our strategic intentions and focus.


Norwood International High School is committed to providing a world class learning experience that prepares our students to become active global citizens. Our learning programs and future-focused pedagogies promote innovation, challenge, and creativity through authentic connections and the integration of technologies.


At Norwood International High School (NIHS) it is an expectation that each student has access to a laptop 24/7 to enable them to fully engage in their learning. New enrolments to NIHS are expected to purchase the LENOVO ThinkPad L13 (via the portal link below) which must be brought to school every day fully charged. 

Devices at Norwood International High School

All new students enrolling at NIHS are required to use the prescribed device to enable consistency in learning, support, and the ability to charge devices at school (using school-charging stations). In addition, students and their laptops can be fully supported by our ICT Service Desk, with extensive technical support and a repair and drop-off centre.


The prescribed device for students in 2024 is the LENOVO ThinkPad L13. This device must be purchased through the school’s online portal which can be accessed here.


Please note: Other devices will not be supported and will not have access to the school’s internal network.

Lou Pyman


Damien vanden Berg

Deputy Chair

Katherine Bartsch


Emily Lamb

Staff Representative

Marlyn Morris

Staff Representative

Alice Char Yee Ong

Parent Representative

Shannon Power

Parent Representative

Kellee Madden

Parent Representative

Spiros Dimas

Parent Representative

Hon. Vincent Tarzia MP

Member for Hartley

Sandra Mestros


Jared King

Parent Representative

Josh Bird

Staff Representative

Fiona Melillo

Parent Representative

Hilary Sweeney

Parent Representative

Kristine Cook

Parent Representative

Fran Millard

Executive & Staff Representative

Jacqui van Ruiten





As a Governing Council and staff, we have also committed to ensuring each learner will thrive in a world class learning experience and have therefore identified the following priorities for 2023:

  • Increasing success and growth for all with a focus on personalised, intentional teaching and feedback

  • Strengthening our community's understanding of the IB

  • Promoting learner agency and resiliency

  • Reviewing the senior school curriculum framework, teaching and learning charter, and assessment and reporting procedures for implementation in 2024

  • Undertaking facility improvements with a new AI laboratory and updated senior school classrooms

An overview of this work is below, highlighting our priorities,  pillars and planned incentives.

2023 Priorities:

Meetings & Contact

The Norwood International High School Governing Council meets twice a term. Members of our school community are welcome to attend meetings and contribute ideas to the future direction and strategic planning of our school. We encourage interested community members to check the school calendar for meeting dates.

The council welcomes feedback and ideas from other parents and invites comments to be forwarded to

Jacqui van Ruiten


Amanda Walsh

Deputy Principal

Brent Bloffwitch

Director of Senior Schooling

Jason Schutt

Director of Middle Schooling

Chris Robinson

Director of Wellbeing for Learning

David Carter

Director of HR & Organisational Systems

Fran Millard

Business Manager

Chris Nguyen

Director of International Programs

Luke Starczak

Director of Innovation