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Concert Band Performance at the Middle School Celebration Assembly

Since the Concert Band’s formation 6 months ago - rehearsing on a weekly basis - the band was able to showcase some of their work at the recent Middle School Celebration Assembly on December 6, to an audience of several hundred people.

Their performance of Over the Rainbow; Theme from New York, New York; Mamma Mia; The Pink Panther and Star Wars – main theme, added an extra layer of positivity and entertainment to the assembly’s atmosphere and end of year celebrations.

Exclamations of delight from the audience was clearly audible as The Pink Panther was introduced by the emcee followed by enthusiastic clapping to the beat of the piece as the band played. There’s no doubt that some of the pieces will have caused musical ear-worms for some audience members for the rest of the day!

The band’s ability to work together as a group in a positive, considerate manner makes working with the band a pleasure and their contribution to school culture is highly valued by the school community.

They are looking forward to continuing their good work in 2023 and beyond, developing their technical and ensemble skills in readiness for more performances.

‘Well done Concert Band for providing such wonderful entertainment for the benefit of others!’

Last but not least, a big thank you to the band students’ dedicated, hard-working instrumental teachers: Mr Nick Vladcoff, Mr Aaron Lipp and Ms Kathryn Leontiades.


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