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Concert Band & Strings Ensemble

Performance for Ushiku High School – Welcome Assembly.

The Concert Band and Strings Ensemble performance on November 9, 2022, at the Ushiko High School’s Study Tour – Welcome Assembly marks the Concert Band’s debut performance. Both ensembles performed admirably and were well received by all in attendance.

The Concert Band opened with an instrumental arrangement of the Japanese National Anthem – Kimigayo, followed by the Australian National Anthem performed by the Strings Ensemble. The band also performed the well-known, toe-tapping piece, Theme from New York, New York, to close the Assembly.

One member of the audience commented:

"I found myself singing ‘New York, New York’ to myself for the rest of the day!"

As mentioned previously, the Concert Band has been rehearsing since the beginning of Term 3, steadily building a repertoire of performance pieces to share with the school community.

A well-deserved congratulations to the band for overcoming nerves and producing an enjoyable, solid performance, albeit without two of our clarinettists who were off enjoying an Outdoor Education camp.


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