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Food Securities Expo

The Year 9 humanities class have been working on food security and sustainable farming throughout their geography module in term 3 and 4. The food security task involves creating a sustainable restaurant in the year 2040. Students need to consider where they will source their food from and how they can practice sustainable farming. Conversations around sourcing local produce and supporting small businesses as well as planting their own fruit and vegetables have all factored into the planning of this restaurant. Students have chosen the Adelaide Hills as a location for their restaurants as this provides prime space as well as accessibility to farm fresh produce.

The Year 8 STEM class are also working on food security however they were tasked with sourcing all the produce for the restaurants. Students will then come up with a food sustainability label that indicates how sustainable their produce is. Factors that lead to a higher rating include distance travelled, farming practices and carbon emissions. The Year 9 classes sent the Year 8 STEM class their shopping list which included all produce that was needed for their restaurants. The aim was to engage both Year 9 classes and the Year 8 STEM in a collaborative working environment that saw them engaging with each other to create their final products that will be showcased at the Food Security Expo.

Students' hard work paid off as the final product which is the expo was a huge success. Students have thoroughly enjoyed working in groups and working on this project and it shows through their presentations on the day.


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