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IBDP Summit

There was an amazing energy for the IB Diploma Programme on Wednesday 21 June as four DfE schools came together for our first inter-school IBDP Summit Day. We worked together with Unley HS, Roma Mitchell, and Aberfoyle Park HS.

Over 50 students from our schools were inspired by how developing their learner profile can enhance their lives today and into the future, and how the IBDP Core is a platform by which they can be the lifelong learners that will help us all to live well in a world worth living in. The event featured a wonderful exploration of History and Cubism in a ToK session ran by Kat Stewart from Unley HS, a global challenge, a CAS scavenger hunt across the university, and a compelling Q&A session with IBDP Alum and University of Adelaide Academic, Poppy Anastassiadis.

I am so proud of the day we put together and how it has grown from our small group of students two years ago. Our young people inspire us to collaborate to create networks of brilliant learning across the system.

Thank you so much to Mr Bloffwitch and Ms Bacon for their supervision and collaboration on the day, to the ICT team for hooking us up with devices, Ms Maywald for setting up the Goosechase, Ms Macchia for organising the bus, and everyone who assisted too!

Some student quotes from their evaluation:

“Really inspiring”

“It was really fun and competitive and I loved being able to share ideas and communicate with others”

“I met lots of new friends who I hope to connect with in the future”

“Having fun while learning about the IBDP”

“It was great to hear from someone who has actually done the DP”


“I really feel like I got a detailed understanding of how the IBDP works”

“I loved how today we were challenged to think differently, such as “How do we know what we know?”

“When can I sign up for the IBDP???”


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