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Learning about the Midlha with Jack Buckskin

On Wednesday in Week 3 our Year 7 students had the opportunity to learn about the Midlha (spear thrower) with Jack Kanya Kudnuitya Buckskin Kaurna Miyu. Jack’s name written here provides details of his totem, Kanya meaning Rock, and Kudnuitya identifies him as the 3rd born male, Kaurna Miyu means Kaurna Man. This learning is part of the Year 7 Science curriculum that we teach at Norwood International High School for Forces and Machines. Jack showed the year 7 students how the Midlha is one of the earliest examples of a machine. We presume that that spear throwers like the Midlha were invented over 10000 years ago as there are Aboriginal tools dated to this age!

Jack showed the students how using the Midlha allowed him to throw the spear much further than just with his hand. The Midlha is an example of a lever that students will be investigating through an inquiry project this term. We are so thankful to the learning that Jack provided our students and look forward to working with him into the future for so more exciting things, stay tuned!


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