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Morialta Partnership Student Leadership Day

Recently, a group of our Year 9 House Captains represented Norwood International High School at the Morialta Partnership “Student Leadership Day” held at Trinity Gardens School. The purpose of this day was for student leaders to come together, begin to analyse the 2022 Wellbeing and Engagement Collection (WEC) data, and most importantly, have some fun!

Part of the day’s activities was to analyse our 2022 WEC data, and our House Captains jumped at the chance to unpack results, make comparisons to the 2021 data, and most importantly, ask lots of “why” questions. Using the “VoiceIt” toolkit, our students reported back to the rest of the group, sharing their findings, and discussing ways we as a school can begin to address some of the lower rated domains. The House Captains will form part of a wider student group at Norwood International High School, who will unpack the WEC data in even more detail and use their findings to contribute to how we can best support our students.

As the most senior group of students on the day, our Year 9 House Captains ran some fun team building and communication activities with groups of 15 students from different primary schools in our partnership. Under guidance from Lucinda Yates and Shaun Walsh, our House Captains soon had the activities under control, and there are certainly some budding teachers within the group! It was also a terrific opportunity for the Norwood International High School students to answer questions about secondary school, dispel any “high school fallacies” and re-connect with past teachers.

A huge thanks To Rachel, Shreya, Eva, Natalia, Bella and Mrema, for representing Norwood International High School so well on the day, and for engaging with the primary school students and staff in such a respectful and responsible manner.

We look forward to sharing more highlights of the House Captains’ work as the year progresses.


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