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National Tree Day

On Friday 28 July 2023 Mr Champ and his Year 9 STEM class participated in National Tree Day.

Norwood International High School received three Tuckeroo Trees from the City of Burnside for us to plant.

Students got their hands dirty and worked in groups planting and tagging the trees.

Tuckeroo Trees are an Australian Native and will grow to a height of around 10 metres high and 8 metres wide. They have leather like leaves and produce green white to cream flowers in autumn. Following the flowers is an orange yellow fruit in spring.

The fruit is loved by Australian bird life and the flowers attract butterflies. These trees will eventually provide shade while being very hardy and tolerant to poor soil conditions.

We thank the students and Mr Champ for actively engaging in this very special day. We hope this will result in greater numbers of bird varieties visiting our school in the future.

We also thank the City of Burnside, who donated the trees and made this activity possible.


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