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Rowing Endurance Challenge and Captains of Boats

Endurance Challenge

On Friday 25 November our rowing squads took to the ergo machines for the 2022 Endurance Challenge.

A test of resilience, teamwork, fitness, and perseverance. The 4-hour event sees teams of 5 to 12 row short stints in a relay fashion to try and go the furthest distance in the 4-hours.

The goal of the Endurance Challenge is to see students promote their own efforts in rowing, and to seek support from the wider community for our Rowing Club. Students set their own fundraising goals to work towards a club goal of over $10,000. With some amazing efforts already the students have raised over $11,000 with a few weeks of fundraising efforts still to go.

You can check out all of the rowers fundraising efforts through our online portal.

The Senior Boys team of Igor, Rohan, Daniel, Hyunbi, Ricci, and Aaditya led the way completing 67,517 meters in the 4-hour period, with an average split of 1:46 per 500m. A very impressive effort that saw them just miss out on the all-time record of 67,550 meters in 2021.

You can watch a re-cap of the event via the NIHS Rowing Club -

Captains of Boats

Our Captains of boats are pivotal leadership roles and act as ambassadors for the club to the wider school and community. Our Captain of Boat (Vice and Junior) are self-nominated through an application process, then all nominations are sent to the student rowers for voting/support. We were very pleased with a large number of nominations for the positions this year and thank all students who put the time, effort, and passion into their applications. It shows the great depth of leadership, care, and drive within our rowers.

At the end of the Endurance Challenge and BBQ, we were very pleased to be able to announce our Captains, with our 2021/2022 captains (Seb Cole and Lauren Adler) present to pass on the role.

Please join us in congratulating our 2022/2023 Captains of Boats.

Junior Captain of Boats

  • Connor Duncan

  • Mia Playford

Vice-Captain of Boats

  • Ashely Ng

  • Rohan Harding

Captain of Boats

  • Oliver Evans Wood

  • Sophia Adler

Photo and Video Credit to Ren Quiray.


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