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Rowing - Year 7 Mini Regatta

On Wednesday Evening April 12 our year 7 rowers took to the water in their first racing experience in the High Schools Mini Regatta.

The River Torrens played host to the 70+ year 7 rowers across Unley, Adelaide and Norwood.

Across the three rounds of racing, it was exciting to see our year 7s implement all the skills and understanding they have developed since beginning at the start of February.

The first round of racing was a time trial over the 350-meter course "Bridge to Bridge" in some challenging conditions. With wind gust up to 45-50km an hour the year 7s aided by experienced year 8-12 coxswains managed to lay down some exceptional times, with 3 of the 6 crews proceeding into the top two races for round 2.

Round 2 is head-to-head-to-head racing and sees three boats line up, side by side to sprint from the Montefiore Rd Bridge to the Adelaide Oval Footbridge. The year 7 boys crew of Ethan, Josh, Felix and Chris got out to an exceptionally strong start and managed to hold on for the win in the A Heat. The year 7 girls crew of Evie, Kemunto, Annabelle and Tallulah squeezed through some chaotic racing lines to also push for a win in the C Heat

In the third round of racing crews moved up a category if they won in round 2, down a category if they lost or held their position if they came second. This produced some exceptionally close racing with crews being very evenly matched. A standout performance was from the year 8 boys crew of Filip, Santiago, Senehas and Jack in the D final.

It was an exceptional evening, which couldn't have happened without the support of our older rowing students. A massive thank you to Serena (yr 8), Imogen (yr 8), Scarlett (yr 8), Jack (yr 8), Jackson (yr 8), Antonio (yr 8), Daniel (yr 10), Connor (yr 10), Rayhan (yr 11), Oliver (yr 11), Tamara (yr 11), and Ashley (yr 12).

Congratulations to our year 7s on their determination and commitment on picking up, developing and implementing new skill over the last 11 weeks.


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