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SASTA Oliphant Science Awards

On Friday October 21 the SASTA Oliphant Science Awards ceremony for 2022 was held at Brighton Secondary College. These awards were a fantastic representation of junior scientists from around South Australia and we had our very own Year 7 student Chloe Yew representing Norwood International High School with distinction.

Chloe entered multiple projects into the Oliphant Science competition this year and was recognised for her efforts. Her project The Effect of High Heels on the Foot placed second for the Models and Inventions category. For this project she also won the Flinders University Science Prize which was awarded for the most outstanding research-based entry in science.

Her piece on Bioluminescence placed third in the Science Writing category. She also completed a Scientific Inquiry project on How does Ph affect the rate of reaction of catalase breaking down from hydrogen peroxide which placed second for the category. For this Inquiry Project she won the Wine Australia Prize for the most outstanding entry highlighting food chemistry.

Her overall efforts at the Oliphant Science Awards meant that she also placed third for the Department for Education Young Scientist Award 5–8.

We congratulate Chloe for this outstanding set of achievements and cannot wait to see what she achieves in the future.

If you are interested in participating in the SASTA Oliphant Science Awards next year, please keep an eye out for promotions in the new year on how you can get involved!


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