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School Sport Review - Week 9

Term 1 - Week 9 Result
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The term 1 Summer School Sport season wrapped up over the weekend with many of our teams playing in their final match for the season.



In a stunning display of athleticism and teamwork, the NIHS Boys Volleyball team defeated Blackfriars Priory School in a 2-0 victory. The game was an intense battle from start to finish, with both teams showing off their skills and determination on the court. But it was the NIHS team who ultimately emerged victorious, thanks in large part to the outstanding performances of Evan and Lucas. The NIHS Boys Volleyball team's victory is a testament to their hard work and dedication throughout a successful season.


NIHS had a mixed day in girls' volleyball, with Senior C1 securing a dominant victory over St Ignatius College, thanks in part to the outstanding performances of Ruby andLaila. However, Middle A/B team suffered a loss against Sacred Heart College, with Lucy and Alyssa being the best players for NIHS. Meanwhile, Middle B1 secured an impressive victory over Nazareth College, with Ava and Ayla being the standout players. Finally, Middle C1 secured a dominant victory over Gleeson College, with Erin and Zaria being the top performers for NIHS.

Mixed Badminton


In a tough matchup against Pembroke School, the NIHS Mixed Badminton team fell by a score of 2-7. Despite the loss, there were several standout performances from individual players, including Carson and Lachlan.

Carson put on a dazzling display of footwork and agility, using his speed and quick reflexes to return even the toughest shots from his opponents. Lachlan, meanwhile, showed off his impressive power and precision, using his powerful smashes to score several points for the NIHS team.

Unfortunately, the rest of the NIHS team were unable to keep up with Pembroke's strong play, and the team ultimately fell short in their quest for victory. Senior/Open B3 had a tough loss against Westminster School, with Anderson and Yu Chai being the standout players for NIHS.


The Middle A2 and Middle B2 teams both secured impressive victories over Glenunga International High School to finish of their seasons with a win. Mudit, Evan, Ian, and Tobey were all recognized for their excellent performances and have all been excellent contributors to their respective teams across the duration.


In a thrilling matchup against St Ignatius College, the NIHS Mixed Tennis team emerged victorious in a close 6-5 victory. Aiden and David led the way for the NIHS team, putting on an impressive display of skill and determination.

Aiden showed off his incredible accuracy and control, hitting several perfectly placed shots that left his opponents scrambling. David, meanwhile, demonstrated his quick reflexes and agility, returning several difficult shots with ease.


Unfortunately, it wasn't a great day for NIHS in mixed cricket as Middle A3 were defeated by St Paul's College by 75 runs, with Sresth and Aryan providing silver linings for the team. Despite often being short on numbers, the team has showed excellent resilience and pride all season, a great testament to the character of all involved.

Girls Basketball

In a dominating performance, the NIHS Girls Basketball team defeated Mercedes College (38-8). Rachel and Gabrielle led the way for the NIHS team, showcasing their impressive offensive and defensive skills throughout the game.


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