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Spring Rowing Camp

14th - 19th of October

During the holidays and into term 4, the Norwood International High School held its spring rowing camp, in an alternative "non-residential" format due to the rising and increasing flows on the Murray River. The camp was held at West Lakes and on the Port River.

The Spring Rowing Camp is for all year-level of rowers to have an intensive period of development, aiming to build their strength/conditioning, resilience, and knowledge/understanding of rowing in a range of contexts. Over the course of the 6-day camp, our students showed exceptional determination, commitment, and effort with up to four water sessions, and a range of rowing education sessions.

Senior Camp

30 of our Senior Students (15 boys, and 15 girls) took part from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th of October, with sessions at West Lakes and Port Adelaide rowing club.

The beginning of the senior rowing season is a big step up for our year 10 students, which sees training frequency and intensity increase, while the variety in their training also expands. Across the three days the seniors were guided by our Senior Coaching team, Olympic Rower, Brenton Terrell (Head Coach), Commonwealth Games Rower, Alison Smith (Senior Girls Coach), Old Scholar and State Rower Grace Dodson, and Old Scholar Alex Allum-Henson, while being supported by current Captain of Boats, Seb.

Across land sessions, ergos, and water sessions in singles, doubles, fours, and eights the rowers were challenged to continue each of their own development. This saw a great increase in their technique, body position, confidence, and endurance. Specialised sessions from Australian Rowing Team Member and Physio Rhiannon Hughes, targeted the student's understanding of Injury Prevention and implementing a routine to maintain balance through their rowing journey. Guest speakers from the South Australian Institute of Sport (SASI), enabled the students to gain an understanding of High-Performance Rowing in South Australia, nationally and on the world stage. Christine MacLaren and Nick Mitchell provided insight into the potential pathways in rowing and a realistic view of how to prepare for and perform at a successful level. Over three 12-hour days, the seniors were challenged physically and mentally, and have formed a platform to build upon for the season ahead.

Beginner to Intermediate Camp

55 year 7, 8 and 9 students began the term with a 6:00am wake up, for arrival at school by 6:55am. A bright and early start to the school term, with excitement and a touch of apprehension set the scene for the coming three days. From Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th of October, the year 7, 8 and 9 rowers took on the Port River to not only develop their rowing ability but to build their cohesion as a team, understand their ability to contribute, and become familiar with a new rowing location. The Port River provided a dynamic environment for camp, with the help of "Local Legends" including our own BT, Alison Smith, Phil Blesing, and our team of coaches, students were guided through how to manage the river conditions, spot the many dolphins and safely work with the large ships that frequent the area. Rowing SA umpire and Coxing Guru Vicki Knight also presented to the year 7 and 8 students across Monday and Tuesday, establishing how to safely control their boats in various conditions, understand the different roles in a rowing boat, prepare for racing by the rules and productive interactions with officials. Mock races across the 500m and 1000m course were held for the year 7/8s and over the 4500m course for the year 9s. Rhiannon Hughes also presented to build an initial understanding of preparing and managing their bodies within and outside of rowing. With some challenging conditions thrown at the cohort I was proud of how they handled themselves on and off the water, and look forward to them all implementing their learnings at regattas throughout this season.

Take a quick look (through a low-resolution lens) at a bit of what they got up to

A massive thank you to our staff for the effort and work in the lead-up to the camp, by Anne-Marie, Emily Laidin, and Brenton Terrell, especially during the holiday. To our big team of coaches, we couldn't make it happen without your support, knowledge, and experience. A special thank you to all our guest speakers for contributing to our rower's development and future success.

We look towards this weekend's regatta at Port Adelaide Rowing Club where The Head of the Port (4500m race) and the Port Adelaide Regatta will be held. Our Year 7s will take to the water in their first Rowing SA regatta, while our year 8-11 rowers will return to racing for the first time in the 2022/2023 Rowing Season.


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