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Strings Ensemble

The newly-formed Strings Ensemble, which is comprised of five year 7, one year 8, one year 9, one year 11, and two year 10 students, commenced rehearsals in the third week of Term 3, and we have been rehearsing after school each week, ever since.

Supported by flautist, Alexandra (year 10), the ensemble recently performed for the first time at the Year 12 Assembly on October 27 as well as the Year 12 Graduation Ceremony held in the Adelaide Town Hall on October 28.

Members of the audiences were in awe of the ensemble’s professionalism and talent, and have commented positively on their performances:

The newly formed strings ensemble performed as though they'd been doing it for years, not simply weeks…”

All of these students should be very proud of their accomplishments.

Much credit must also be given to the students’ instrumental teachers: Ms Judith Bingaman (violin/viola) and Mr Sean Renau (Cello/Double Bass), from the Department for Education’s Instrumental Music programme. Both are highly-skilled musicians and teachers who have been extremely generous, going ‘above and beyond’, in order to support the students be successful in their musical endeavours. I sincerely thank Judith and Sean’s generosity and skill.

The Strings Ensemble - as well as the Concert Band - will be performing again at the up-coming Ushiko High School - Welcome Assembly on Wednesday, November 9, 2022.


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