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Year 7 Museum Excursions

Naa Marni (Hello),

In week 8 of term 2 our year 7 students all had the opportunity of attending a Kaurna learning experience at the South Australian Museum. This happened over 3 days with all students attending with their science and humanities teachers. This experience was made as a result of the learning of Kaurna culture and scientific knowledge that is occurring in all year 7 Science classes. Our students have learnt about the Kaurna Seasonal Calendar and how they can learn from Kaurna Elders like Suzanne Russell to identify the best time to catch Blue Swimmer Crabs.

While at the Museum our students learnt from Eva Wilson in preparation for the next unit in year 7 Science called Midlha, which means Spear Thrower in the Kaurna language. The students heard about how Midlhas are made and used and how the function of them is just one example of our Kaurna people’s deep scientific knowledge that was developed through scientific processes thousands of years ago.

Moving forward we will be welcoming Kaurna man Jack Buckskin to teach us about using Midlhas next term.

Ngaityalya (Thank You) to the staff that helped organise


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